It is our hope that the Symposium will be a springboard for further work on the importance of music research in India. We expect that professors and artists will inspire us with new ideas, openness, and vision. We all share in this upcoming memorable event a renewed optimism about new paths and horizons.


The symposium is a project in which during 3 days professors, artists and lectures will discuss and expose about different  aims to address this issue in the broad scope of the various cultural traditions, contexts and historical times, and provides an opportunity for academics to participate in the discussion of the following topics: cultural dialogues in the different era, circulation, transfer and appropriation of ideas, aesthetics, styles, techniques, musical practices and ideologies; music and artistic or cultural ruptures; migration, exile, and travel; identity, otherness, nationalism and exoticism; culture, society and politics; interdisciplinary studies: visual arts, theater, literature, philosophy, history, sociology and cultural anthropology; heritage and collections; institutional policies for religion, artistic and cultural exchange between India and Europe; discursive strategies in the relationship between music, religion and other arts; creation and intercultural dialogue.


The Symposium will dissert about the frontiers of the musical-artistic dialogue between Eastern and Western traditions and its materialization in Indian history. Musicians and professors from several parts of the world will be coming for the event. This pluricultural and interdicipline syllabus will give participants and lectures the opportunity to approach music from several points of view.



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