The Festival Academy Performance Studio provides a unique opportunity for select group of students to train with internationally renowned faculty artists from the Asia and Europe, and to perform in the most beautiful scenarios of the K-Festival.  The studio provides for an international atmosphere where young artists from different countries and cultures come together to develop their artistic prospective, and to share their musical ideas, styles, and talents.


Our philosophy is one of “training through performance”. Young artists are provided with extensive time, under the guidance of outstanding faculty artists to rehearse in great depth, to share their ideas and experiences, and to explore a rich diversity of chamber music works. Throughout each day students will take part in chamber music coaching, lessons, master classes, and participate in special workshops on a variety of musical topics.


Once accepted into the studio, students are assigned to a chamber music group, and provided with the repertoire that you will perform during the festival. Ample time is provided for practice and rehearsing with colleagues.  Our faculty are all active performers and will not only engage you in daily rehearsals, but will play side-by-side with you in many of the performances. Performance opportunities include chamber music concerts, contemporary ensembles, and master classes.

Our main motivation is to provide young artists and students the possibility to develop their capacities by offering them a space for education and art experimentation. We believe that education is the way of development of human and social capabilities and so the MUSIC ACADEMY assumes this task in order to facilitate local artists a space of human and artistic growth and development.


Workshops and Masterclasses - The Festival includes a series of workshops and master classes in different specialities: Piano – Violin – Viola – Classical Guitar – Singing (Classical and Indian traditions) – Choir and Orchestra Conduction and Brass and Woodwinds. These classes will take place at the CASA JOAO FRANCISCO-Sadhana dell´Arte / Kala Academy of Arts in Goa and the Goa University Campus.


“Never consider the study as an obligation but as an opportunity to penetrate into the beautiful, wonderful world of knowledge”


Schedule – From 12th to 26th of February

Casa Joao Francisco - SADHANA DELL´ARTE, Goa University and Central Library / 10 to 13 – 15 to 18 hrs.


Come and experience a great 14 days experience of training and performing music!