I offer you peace - Goa University Choir
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The Ketevan Festival offers concerts, workshops and conferences with artists from several traditions around the world: Carnatic, Christian, Sufi, Hindustani, Jewish, Native and many others. Ketevan is an eclectic and vibrating experience of music, ethnicities and traditions, where past and present become one to propitiate coexistence between cultures.


The KETEVAN World Sacred Music Festival located in Old Goa combines musical traditions from different eras from the East and the West. The KETEVAN Sacred Music Festival is a project of musical and artistic coexistence; a space where the language of music becomes a bridge to connect and foster dialogue among cultures. Located at 10 km from Panjim, capital city of Goa (India), Old Goa is a World Heritage City (declared by UNESCO in 1986) where different cultures have existed and coexisted throughout history since many centuries ago. Ketevan´s Music Festival was born to inspire a place of artistic, spiritual and musical dialogue. In our scenarios we will present concerts where artists can share their art with artists from other traditions to develop the idea of the artistic coexistence, as an engine of cultural, social and human coexistence. We assume the difficult task of intercultural dialogue and tolerance with immense respect and understanding of all traditions. Our team includes experts and advisers in artistic and inter-religious dialogue to ensure that each participant finds in our Festival a space to share their art and heritage in tolerant and respectful dialogue.


        As music is called the international language (and soul language) there is no better way to learn to live with one another that through music.


FEB 2016/17



Why a Coexistence motto?

Our motto – a musical experience of coexistence- summarizes the ideas of our Festival; in the beauty of art we all discover ourselves in deep concordance with others, even beyond culture, race and religion, we all find ourselves to be part of the same weft, and we all surrender to the beauty of music.