6, 7, and 8 April 2021


We are a group of artists, professors, musicians, business people, and music lovers who believe that through the beauty of art & music we can help our society to transform itself. We assume our roles and we work hard to spread the beauty of human creativity within all strata of society; firmly believing that if we become conscious bearers of the beauty of the human soul, we would imbibe this virtue and our lives would become more fulfilling.

We hope that this interesting project will help renew the whole tradition of the Goan/Indian musical heritage, with a special reference to classical and sacred music, as we intend to help local musicians & choirs to interact and engage with the best world traditions of music and performance. 

Artistic Director
Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli
Project Managers
 Ameetha Mascarenhas / María Meireles
Bina Datwani 
Design & Current Ketevan Association President
 Rukminee Guha Thakurta
Logistics & Stage Set up
Nayantara de Lima Leitao
Festival Board Team
Syne Coutinho / Sergio Martires
Karen F. Fernandes / Patricia Sequeira
Bina Datwani / Rukminee Guha Thakurta
Ameetha Mascarenhas / Alice D Cruz/ María Meireles
Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli & Mr. Rudolph L. Kammermeier

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Maestro Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli 



​Argentinian-Italian Orchestra and Choir conductor - Lecturer and composer. Santiago started his studies in music and philosophy at a very young age, inter-twining these two paths of study to develop his profile. He is an Orchestra and Choir conductor, performer, composer, and scholar of theological & philosophical traditions of the East and West. With a Ph.D. earned in Music at the Seville University (Spain), he also did a master's degree in Western and Eastern Philosophy, Theology and Orchestra, and Choir conduction.

Dr. Santiago holds the Anthony Gonsalves Chair as a Visiting Research Professor at the Goa University in India, working as a lecturing and research professor and conducting the Goa University Choir (since 2013). He is the Creator and Artistic Director of the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, a project of musical and artistic coexistence - a space where the language of music becomes a bridge to connect and foster dialogue among cultures.